What Kind of Plants Repel Mosquitoes?

If you live in an area where mosquitoes are a common nuisance during warmer days, you certainly know about many more or less efficient products in keeping these little insects away from your home. And while some of them are based on chemicals, others are purely natural.

Our favorite of the year? Plants! Plants are a great live tool in repelling mosquitoes, as they do not require any spraying or cleaning or monitoring. And they look much better than any mosquito trap (natural or commercial) ever could. If you are looking to re-thinking your home greenery for a while and trying out these greatly helpful herbs, we are answering the question ˝what kind of plants repel mosquitoes? ˝ below.

What Plants Repel Mosquitoes?

Generally speaking, what repels mosquitoes is a strongly scented type of plant, especially if there are any citrusy notes. 


Let us start with a purely classic choice. Citronella is very well-known for being the number one plant in fighting mosquitoes off. Also called lemon grass, this herb really does feature some citrusy notes, which are great at repelling mosquitoes. They really detest those, so people have been using citronella essential oils in repelling body sprays, indoor and outdoor candles, mosquito traps, and many other.

Lemon grass is super-easy to grow, yet it looks quite nice and adds a fresh touch to any patio or garden. Leaves are what you should be focused on as they are the parts which mosquitoes detest, but they can also grow some adorable small pinkish flowers during summertime.

To get the best out of these greatly efficient plants, rub the leaves against your hands to extract their scent and then rub them gently over the exposed body parts such as hands or ankles. Those little buzzers will surely start avoiding you big time.


Lavender is among the most adored natural fragrances by humans nowadays. Some cultures even use it as a wardrobe refresher, because of its super-strong Mediterranean scent. However, mosquitoes hate it. Lavender plants have such strong smells that they literally mess all the senses out for mosquitoes, so they really stay away as often as possible.

This plant is very decorative, especially if you match it with some great looking plants around your garden or balcony. Lavender loves sun, so the more the better. Plus, it is the flowers that you would like to pay attention to, as these are holding those essential oils that insects hate.


Keeping on with the Mediterranean feel, we simply have to dedicate a few sentences to the goddess of flavory dishes: rosemary. This highly aromatic bushy plant with tiny blue flowers is a pure delight in any garden or patio.

This plant is highly resistant and is therefore adaptable both to full sun and shady conditions. And it may even grow to such size to act as a natural decorative wall if you allow it to spread that much. All in all, a great plant which is adored by people and detested by mosquitoes.

Small tip: to achieve a double effect during those evenings when mosquitoes are acting like crazy, try burning the top of one or two rosemary branches and enjoy observing all those flying insects escaping your place.

Apart from these three greatly helpful natural mosquito fighters, there are so many options for you to choose from. As long as you stick to strongly scented herbs and citrus fruits you should be simply fine.

Adding to that, some plants are also quite efficient in keeping other pests away. So, let us have a quick look at some universally helpful repellents, too.

What Plants Repel Mosquitoes and Bugs?

Lavender is a powerful companion in keeping most bugs away. Its extremely strong scent acts as a sort of a nuisance to them, and it literally confuses their senses to such level that they simply have to get away. As far as possible.

Other than that, planting some greatly decorative flowers such as marigolds may be a smart investment, as these may keep away many types of bugs such as whiteflies, squash bugs, bean beetles, and many others. Including mosquitoes, of course.

If you have an issue with flies on top of the one with mosquitoes, try planting some basil. You may become surprised with the amount of protection this condiment can offer.

What Plants Repel Spiders and Mosquitoes?

And finally, here are a few suggestions for all those who simply cannot stand seeing spiders around their home. Yes, we know, they are great for the environment, and they even help controlling the presence of most home insects (including mosquitoes!), but some people really cannot imagine sharing their home with tiny, fast-moving, furry legs. Plants are often a much better solution, and they may help you control both spiders and mosquitoes at once.

Other than the already mentioned lavender and rosemary plants, which can greatly help in keeping both mosquitoes and spiders away, there are plenty more appropriate choices:


Our favorite cocktail flavoring during summertime may quickly turn into a great pest fighter. Plant it either indoors or outdoors to keep both spiders and those little buzzers away from your home.

Lemon Balm

The best part of lemon balm, other than its great fragrance, is the fact that anyone can grow it successfully. Even if you have a super-busy schedule and are not that eager in watering plants, your lemon balm should resist such tempo and it should keep spiders and mosquitoes away.


Last but not least, a truly decorative flower. Did you know that mums can also help in keeping different kinds of pests away?

Wrapping Up

Plants are not just the lungs of the earth. They are also magnificent, surprising, and beneficial in the most different ways one could ever imagine.

If you are planning to offer them the opportunity of keeping your home clear from little pests, you have so many species to choose from. From herbs and condiments to flowers and fruits, let the planting games begin!

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