How to Kill Mosquitoes?

Summertime is the favorite part of the year for many people nowadays. It makes us think of warm and sunny days spent by the water or in the comfort of our own gardens and terraces. But such nice days often come with uninvited guests such as mosquitoes. Depending on the area where you live in, those little bloodsuckers can present either a nuisance or a health hazard.

Indeed, there are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes available worldwide. Some of them may cause discomfort because or irritable noises and itchy feelings which they bring after biting, but others may carry life-threatening viruses or diseases. Anyways, mosquitoes are certainly not pleasant to have around, and we often reach to different solutions in order to get rid of them.

How to kill mosquitoes effectively? There are plenty of appropriate ways to obtain that, and we have summed the most efficient ones up.   

How to get Rid of Mosquitoes

A few years back, some simple home-made remedies were more than enough to keep these bloodsuckers away. Setting up a few cut lemons with clove buds onto windows or heating up strong-scented essential oils were quite effective in creating a mosquito-free environment.

However, this led to most mosquito species becoming quite resistant and resilient to such solutions. Therefore, stronger and more powerful methods are needed today. Some of them are suitable for indoors while others can only be applied safely outside of your home, so it is important to adapt to the situation and act accordingly.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the house?

Let us begin with the most common mosquito issue on the planet. Once these little insects find their way into our homes, they can become quite frustrating. Especially before bedtime. Indeed, having to deal with such irritable noise right on top of our heads when trying to sleep is probably one of the most irritable things ever.

Chemical Repellent Spray

Being aware of the fact that chemical repellents are not the most eco-friendly method of getting rid of mosquitoes, we have to admit that it certainly is the most efficient one. Therefore, it has our approval so far. Simply spray the chemicals as instructed across your entire bedroom (or other area of your home that you wish to treat) and leave the door closed.

That way the chemicals will not find their way into the living room or kitchen and you or your kids will not get into direct contact with it. The room should remain closed for an hour or so, depending on the type of chemical, and should be used only after that.

Chemical Repellent Tablets

Tablets work on a similar principle as sprays do. However, they are often less irritable for humans and can be used even in those rooms where you or your family are present. There are appositely designed tablet devices for such chemical solutions, and they can be left inside the socket overnight. Such devices are not expensive, but they are durable and can last for years and years. Therefore, this may be a long-term investment with the only variable cost being new tablets.

Remember to change your anti-mosquitos tablets regularly and to turn the device off when you are not using it.


Traps are a greatly effective tool in fighting mosquitos off. They are easy to setup, they are not of invasive odors for people, and you do not have to worry about fire hazards. There are amazing affordable solutions which you can purchase online, but you can also try crafting some variations on your own. Mosquitos are especially attracted to light sources as well as to sugar, so keep that in mind if you want to prepare your own trap.


Placing a mosquito net onto your windows is such a simple yet such an effective way of keeping these flying insects where they belong: outside. All you have to do is to purchase an appropriate net, so please avoid those which have too large netting designs as most mosquito species are extremely small in size. Additionally, it would be good to double-check there are no gaps in between your windows and walls, as the net will then have no efficiency at all. A netting system can actually allow you to keep your windows open, even during the warmest nights. Also, if setup correctly, this may last for years before requiring a replacement.


Yes, fans may seem as completely unrelated to the presence of mosquitoes, but they are actually linked very closely. Being super-light, these flying bloodsuckers go through a lot of trouble when moving in the opposite direction of the wind, meaning that they would really struggle if there was a fan in the room. Plus, fans will keep you cooler during hot summer days without spending lots of electricity. Fans have actually been used for many years across jungles and other areas heavily infested by mosquitoes, as this is one of the simplest yet most effective tools in keeping them away from wood cabins or tents.


Lighting a candle while enjoying a glass of wine before bedtime can often be a good way in keeping mosquitoes away from such room. There are especially designed candles which can easily be used even indoors, and which are greatly efficient in fighting insects like mosquitoes off. The most popular choice by far is citronella scent. This is well-known to be quite pleasant to humans but extremely repellent to mosquitoes, and it presents a devoted help in fighting mosquitoes for many years now.

How to get rid of mosquitoes naturally?

Other than relying on trusted brands, you can try fighting some minor mosquitos presence with the help of some natural ingredients which they simply hate. Plants are one of our favorite methods as they are greatly decorative and helpful at the same time. And who does not want to have some more plants around? Plants like rosemary or lavender can be quite helpful, especially if you burn them first and release the scent all across the room. Basil is another of such examples, as well as garlic and eucalyptus.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard?

Open-air spaces are quite more of a challenge, as all usual chemicals and scents can easily spread out there and become soon inefficient and easy for mosquitoes to successfully avoid. However, there are still a few greatly helpful tools, so not all is lost.

Chemical Repellent Spray

The outdoor versions of chemical repellents usually involve sprays which can be easily applied to objects such as seat cushions, sofas, tents, and similar. Obviously, spraying them around the air will not be much of some help as this can quickly dissolve into fresh air, but objects will absorb them and become resistant to mosquitoes.  

Spiral Coil

Spiral coils can now be treated as an old-school repellent, as they have been used across gardens and backyards for many years now. Still, they are extremely powerful and helpful in keeping these flying buzzers away. Such products should be placed nearby the area where you decide to spend time, such as under the table. Once it gets lit, it takes several hours to consume, and you should not be bothered by mosquitoes during such time.


Again, same as with indoor traps, you can either purchase these from a trusted brand or to craft them from the comfort of your own home. With commercial options obviously being more powerful from the others.

Glue-based options are super-simple to install even among those areas where there is no electricity at disposal. Otherwise, if you have an outdoor socket nearby, you may use some of the ˝electrocuting˝ variations. With the second ones, however, be careful to avoid placing them nearby light sources or you may be risking of killing even those insects which could be beneficial for your home environment.


Oh yes, they work even outdoors. Setting up a decently sized fan on top of your favorite terrace or garden area will not just help you to chill out during the hottest days of the summer, but also to keep mosquitoes away. As long as you manage to re-create some wind current, you should be safe. Mosquitoes are well-known for being most active near stagnant waters as well as during un-windy days. Therefore, make sure to eliminate all such water surfaces from your outdoor living rooms, and add a gently breeze to the space.


Citronella candles which are especially designed for outdoor use feature a much stronger scent and they really can be effective with keeping mosquitoes away. Also, they burn slowly so can last for many days, especially if you purchase the larger variations.

Try choosing those which have a wider shape, so that the scent spreading surface is not limited to super-small areas.

How to get rid of mosquitoes naturally?

Plants featuring strong scents can always be a good idea in fighting mosquitoes off in a purely natural way. Lavender, lemongrass, citronella, basil, rosemary, peppermint and garlic are all adaptable plants which are quite easy to grow yet greatly efficient in repelling flying insects from your favorite places.

What to Do to Help Mosquito-Repellent Tools being more Efficient?

Purchasing greatly helpful mosquito repellent tools and setting them inside or around your home is great, but it can be completely inefficient if some other simple things have not been done first.

One of the considerably basic predispositions to avoid mosquitos around your home is sealing it. Therefore, any cracks or gaps around your windows or doors should be first properly sealed. You can simply purchase some door strips and ensure they are properly placed along the borders.

If you live in a moisty area with heavy rains and plenty of mosquitoes around, setting a decorative net around your bed may be a good idea. This will at least prevent those little bloodsuckers from biting you while asleep. And, most importantly, to buzz around your head all night. And when not sleeping, make sure to cover your skin with mosquito repellent creams or gels.

Next, setting up alternative lightning options around your home may be a great idea. It seems that mosquitoes are extremely attracted to standard white light bulbs, but they do not really care about yellow LED light options. Therefore, it is time to re-decorate your bulbs a bit.

When it comes to outdoor areas, the most important thing is to really care about your water surfaces. Any stagnant water is a great living room for mosquitoes, so this is something to really be careful about. If you own a swimming pool perhaps, or a smaller decorative one, it would be helpful to cover them while not being used. Also, there is a great range of helpful products which you can apply to your water areas and prevent mosquitoes from being attracted to them.

Furthermore, keeping your garden or backyard generally tidy and clean is one of the ultimate ways of keeping any unwanted insect around. Grass should be trimmed on a regular basis as otherwise such tall hideout of moist would present an ideal breeding area for mosquitoes.

And finally, if you already have a mosquito problem, simple tricks will not be efficient, and that is a guarantee. Instead, you should really devote some efforts into getting rid of their larvae.

How to get rid of mosquito larvae?

The ideal method which will help you to remove larvae from your property depends a lot on the water area which they decided to inhabit. For instance, if you see mosquito larvae on a flower pot dish, you may simply take it away and pour the water out. Larvae cannot survive if left dry, as there is no appropriate food for them there and they will die very soon.

If you have a somehow larger water surface to treat, you will have to turn to other methods. There are greatly efficient products which are specifically designed to kill mosquito larvae without harming your garden environment or your pets.

Other great and completely safe ways include adding some water current as well as adding some mosquito-eating fish, if you can afford the space. For swimming pools and decorative water areas, a simple smaller fountain or an air stone may increase the movement of the water and become unsuitable for larvae to survive.

There are tons of other tricks which you can use, as applying bleach or other harsh chemicals, but this certainly comes with its own disadvantages and risks. If none of the above-described works for you, you may be facing a really serious mosquito infestation. Instead of turning to dangerous and high-risk solutions, consulting a local pest control company would probably be a better idea. Remember, you want to get rid of mosquitoes only, not to harm other beings or pets. Or, even worse, your family.

Wrapping Up

Mosquitoes are one of those super-small living beings which can create unproportionally large nuisance and irritation. From itchy bites and annoying buzzing sounds to serious health complications and death- the level of discomfort caused by mosquitoes certainly does vary from the area where you live in.

These flying bloodsuckers love dump and moisty areas with plenty of stagnant water sources, but they will greatly adapt to nesting even in a tiny flower pot sometimes. Therefore, it is really important not to disregard their capacity of adapting to various conditions. Make sure to properly seal all doors and windows, and to thoroughly clean your outdoor areas as well as your storages.

If you are already facing a mosquito issue around your home, you should probably turn to some commercial solutions such as appositely designed chemicals, but you may also manually remove their breeding sites and larvae once you detect them.

And finally, remember to always protect both your family and yourself whenever heading outside. If you are planning an adventure, wear protective clothes which may ideally cover your ankles and arms, as these are usually the body parts which mosquitos have most access to. Also, there are so many great products which you can apply directly to your skin nowadays in order to keep insects away.

Last but not least, some mosquitoes can be life-threatening to humans. If you are planning a vacation in those areas of the world where mosquitoes are known to transmit deadly diseases, do not forget to vaccinate. West Nile virus, malaria and dengue fever are just some of the consequences which you certainly want to avoid.

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