What are Mosquitoes Attracted to?

If you are one of those unlucky ones when it comes to relationships with mosquitoes, welcome to the club. These tiny flying insects are probably among the most irritable creatures for millions of other people during summertime, especially if located in moisty and tropical areas of the world.

Is there anything more annoying than having to deal with an unstoppable buzzing noise around our heads when trying to get a good sleep? Well, probably not. However, some people tend to experience more issues than others. Learning what is it exactly that attracts mosquitoes is actually a great way in eliminating such factors. Or, at least, to minimize them as much as possible. So, what are mosquitoes attracted to in the first place?

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

These flying bloodsuckers are, obviously, attracted to blood. However, this is not their feeding source as many people still like to believe, but it is rather a source of protein for females which are trying to lay their eggs. In fact, all mosquitoes feed on nectar from flowers. Therefore, one of the main things they get attracted to is flowers.

Just as any other living being, mosquitoes are always in the look out for an ideal home, with plenty of suitable environmental factors as well as an abundance of food. If you own a garden or backyard with plenty of flowers and plants, be sure to expect some mosquitoes sooner or later. Indeed, such areas are they favorite. They may find enough tasty food there, as well as plenty of shade and moisty areas. Mosquitoes breed on dump surfaces and they deposit their eggs inside stagnant water until they are ready to hatch. Any area of your garden or storage that fits the description will be an attraction to mosquitoes, especially if there is a pond or a swimming pool or a fountain. Or even just a forgotten flowerpot.

Furthermore, these little insects rely on their senses of smell and vision in order to find a suitable home. Dark colors signalize a human feeding source to them, while floral-scented perfumes or soaps remind them of tasty nectars.

Adding to that, there are several ways in which you may attract mosquitoes to your body without even being aware of it. For instance, did you know that mosquitoes may smell the carbon dioxide which you exhale and decide to buzz towards your head? People who are larger tend to emit more carbon dioxide while breathing, immediately becoming a better option for mosquitoes. Same goes for pregnant women. But not only. People who sweat more or even those who simply feature higher body temperatures will certainly attract more mosquitoes when compared to those who are less physically active. Additionally, people who drink alcohol also tend to be more appealing to these little bloodsuckers.

And finally, simple white light bulbs can become extremely interesting to mosquitoes, so it is suggestable to always choose a yellow LED alternative whenever possible.

What Blood Type are Mosquitoes Attracted to?

There have been a few interesting researches to prove whether mosquitoes are attracted to some blood types more than they are to others. However, the most recent one from 2019 has actually managed to really confirm such phenomenon. Even though it is not exactly clear why that is so, mosquitoes are certainly attracted to blood type 0 the most. It is probably linked to the fact that such blood type does not feature any A or B antigens among the surface of red blood cells, but scientists still have to fully understand the reasons.

We have dedicated a whole article to mosquitoes and their attraction to specific blood types, so you may want to check it out in order to find some other cool information there. You may be surprised. Click here to read it: What Blood Type do Mosquitoes Like

What Colors Attract Mosquitoes?

Even though they are super-small in size, mosquitoes are very resourceful, and they rely both on their vision and their sense of smell. Did you know that they are able to spot you from a distance of 15 meters? This is quite remarkable for such a tiny insect.

If you like to wear dark and bold colors, you may become an easier target to them. Black, brown, darker reds and blues are all greatly attractive to these little pests. On top of that, they are able of penetrating through thick fabrics, so loose ones are always a safer alternative.

What Plants Attract Mosquitoes?

Everyone knows that plants like citronella or eucalyptus are amazing mosquito repellents, but what about plants which attract them? Well, there is no specific species which is greatly appealing, but it all starts from the basic predispositions that mosquitoes feed on nectar and reproduce in water. Therefore, any flower which requires heavy watering or any plant which flows on water surface will greatly attract mosquitoes.

What Attracts Mosquitoes to Traps?

If you are looking to create your own mosquito trap, you may use some of the following attractants: sugar, light, black paint, yeast, some fruits like bananas. Any area with stagnant water, warmer temperature and floral scent will immediately become greatly attractive to mosquitoes, too.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what mosquitoes are attracted to, you should also have less trouble in keeping these little pests away from your home. However, that may be not the easiest thing to do. Indeed, after going through our list, you have certainly noticed how many things and various factors may actually be appealing to mosquitoes. Basically anyone with a garden or a nicely planted terrace may become a victim, so it is extremely important to constantly keep an eye at all water sources, even those which are as small as an old flowerpot. Mosquitoes have the ability of sensing such greatly suitable areas from a pretty far distance, and thanks to their tiny size they can basically fit anywhere.

Simple changes in your daily routine such as choosing lighter-colored clothes during summertime or drinking less alcohol while spending time on your deck may bring to a huge difference.

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